Welcome to the Treasures page – where we store the jewels for living an abundant life from God’s word.

The 4 Swords – Pastor Joseph exhorts us to exercise daily these “4 Swords” God has given us to stand in greater faith:

  1. To Give Thanks – Psalm 50:23
  2. To Praise – Psalm 22:3
  3. To Bless – Psalm 103:1, Psalm 23:5
  4. To Worship in Spirit and in Truth – John 4:23-24

Understanding the Times – Pastor Joseph reminds us to set these three aspects of “awareness” as our life’s compass:

  1. Awareness of God’s Kairos Timing – Revelation 1:1-3
  2. Awareness of Our Destiny – Psalm 139:13-17
  3. Awareness of Our Commission – Matthew 28:18-20

The “Faith Framework” – Pastor Joseph exhorts us, from his 30+ year message, to deepen our faith from “If” to “Because” to “In Spite Of”:

  1. The “If” Faith – Genesis 28:20-22
  2. The “Because” Faith – Psalm 116:1-2
  3. The “In Spite Of” Faith – Habakkuk 3:17-19

The 4 Great Faith Declarations – Matthew’s four anchors that frame God’s eternal desire, shared by Pastor Joseph:

  1. Matthew 1:23 – The Declaration of Emmanuel, God with Us (reflected from Isaiah 7:14)
  2. Matthew 16:16 – The Declaration of Great Confession
  3. Matthew 22:36-40 – The Declaration of Great Commandment
  4. Matthew 28:18-20 – The Declaration of Great Commission

Keys of Faith that Bring the Holy Spirit’s Filling 聖靈充滿的要訣 – Pastor Joseph lays out the application of faith to come under the Spirit’s filling:

  1. John 7:37-39 – To Thirst 渴慕
  2. Luke 11:8-13 – To Ask, Seek, and Knock 祈求
  3. Psalm 66:18, 1 John 1:9 – To Confess 認罪
  4. Acts 5:32 – To Obey 順從
  5. John 16:14 – To Glorify 榮耀主
  6. Acts 1:8 – To Testify 作見證

John 11:40, John 14:13 – If you believe, you shall see the glory of God. 你若信,必看見神的榮耀.

Shalom in 2021 and Beyond – Scriptures for preparing the followers of Christ for kingdom encounters:

Foundational Principles

  1. Ephesians 5:25-27 – The church is Jesus’ unequivocal top priority, because no one else is more important to the Groom than the bride.  Therefore, we must perceive and interpret all the recent world-shaking events simply as God’s way to purify the church.
  2. Matthew 16:18-19, Malachi 4:5-6 – One of the key reasons God wants to purify the church is prepare us for the authority Jesus declared: the “Vitamin A” like that of Elijah and Elisha,
    • Authority over gates of hell,
    • Authority vested in Christ’s kingdom,
    • Authority to move heaven from earth.
  3. Matthew 16:13-28, Matthew 20:20-28 – To purify the church, God takes us through “kingdom encounters” that demand self-denial, or “Vitamin D” – so we can learn to gain the world with the “Vitamin A” of Elijah and Elisha, but not lose our soul.

Focus for 2021

Our focus, going into 2021, is to prepare our church to stand in a soft-heart as we come into a season of “kingdom encounters” with “kairos manifestations.”

“Kingdom Encounter” Themes for 2021