Family Note – I am the Resurrection and the Life – Part 2 – 10/24/21

October 24, 2021

Pastor Li-Shang continues with the message today “I am the Resurrection & the Life” from John 11:1-44.  God’s fountain is here.  Let’s come together and drink from what He has prepared for us.

We would like to make you aware that MTC 2021 will be held over Friday, 11/26 – Saturday, 11/27, with corporate worship on Sunday morning, 11/28. It will take place at our WPC and will also be online live via Zoom and/or YouTube stream.

Collectively, we see a clear leading of the Spirit to bring a focus on “Giving Thanks.”  Yes, we finally have settled on a thanksgiving theme for Thanksgiving.

A thankful attitude is a most potent antidote to all the negativities, hardships, and losses thrown at us. We, as a church body, are anticipating increasing shakings at all levels and “giving thanks in all circumstances” will be our most powerful weapon to detoxify the increasing toxic environment.

Many have walked through fires and storms in the past year – many negativities, hardships, and losses that can harden hearts and turn them bitter.  God has graced us with people whose hearts remained steadfast and soft through these fires and storms by the power of thanksgiving.  These individuals understood God’s ways, and through an attitude of thanks, had their eyes open to God’s working – of all things for the good.  We invite these individuals to impart that obedience of thanksgiving to the body, to encourage and prepare us.


CASC now has a Zelle account that you can use for tithing.  Please use the following email for fund transfer:

Feel free to also use this Zelle QR Code with your bank’s app.

All this info, plus other ways to transfer funds, are always available at our tithing page.  May our church be a testimony of the blessings of Malachi 3.


If you cannot attend in person, the online stream will be available at around 10:45 AM, Central Time

Stream link:

Experience Emmanuel!


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