Family Note – The Good Shepherd – 10/10/21

October 10, 2021

So what has the pandemic revealed to us about God’s heart for the church?

We strongly believe that God still desires us to minister to people with organized programming, enjoyable fellowship, and inspiring leadership.  We are also convinced that God has withheld these “benefits” for a season to show us that raising up “living sacrifices” must be our first pursuit.  Without the precedence of a “living sacrifice” – a soft-heart through self-denial, the “benefits” of programs, fellowships, and leadership will not advance our spirituality in any meaningful way, no matter how organized, enjoyable or inspiring.  It’s like building a beautiful car without an engine – nice optics, but not drivable.  We learn from Judas’ example.

Through the past year and a half, I have seen this dynamic played out in the astounding spiritual growth experienced by some brothers and sisters.  There was no fancy programs or fellowships to appeal to certain demographics.  The key factor is a simple commitment to the pursuit of a soft-heart – a priority to first worship God as a living sacrifice.  The programs and fellowship that flowed from this commitment produced some of the most significant fruits I have ever seen in our church – all during a pandemic!

We thank God for revealing to us, through this pandemic, the “engine for the car.”  Let us take hold of this grace and build the “engine” of self-denial together.  Let us do this by coming together in one heart for Pastor Li-Shang’s message from John 10:11-18 on “The Good Shepherd.”

Praise God!  Our car is beginning to show signs of movement.


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