Family Note – The Gate of Life – 10/3/21

October 3, 2021

Romans 12:1-2 calls the church, as living sacrifice, to renew our minds by transforming away from the world’s ways.  Attaining that is very difficult, if not impossible, with our tendency to measure a church based on personalities, presentations, theatrics, music, activities, personal development opportunities, family services, social connections, management efficiency, and even “spiritual” experiences.  When we try to draw people by promoting on these benefits, they understandably take on a customer’s attitude and establish an expectation of being served – and may become offended by the demands of a living sacrifice dictated in Romans 12.  This is the world’s way.

In one sweep with the pandemic, God render all of the “measures” mentioned above irrelevant.  God is purifying His church by transforming us from a “customer orientation” to a “worshipper orientation” – to raise up worshippers who sees the power behind self-denial and embraces the soft-heart of a living sacrifice.

What has truly amazed me, even through the past year’s difficult ministry environment, is to see the tremendous growth experienced by some brothers and sisters through the power of the soft-heart.  Their growth has been some of the most powerful and deep we have seen in the past 13 years since returning to Chicago.  We shall share more on this next time.

Pastor Li-Shang will preach out of John 10:7-10, on that famous proclamation of Jesus as the “Gate of Life” and the Protector of our abundant life, where true life is found in living as a sacrifice.


CASC now has a Zelle account that you can use for tithing.  Please use the following email for fund transfer:

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All this info, plus other ways to transfer funds, are always available at our tithing page.  May our church be a testimony of the blessings of Malachi 3.


If you cannot attend in person, the online stream will be available at around 10:45 AM, Central Time

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