MTC 2021 – Theme: Give Thanks


Through the past 20 months, Christ has shown us His heart for the church.  He is transforming the church to prepare her to flow in the authority that will draw the world’s attention.  In order to mold us into vessels that can be entrusted with such authority, the Holy Spirit has taken us on a decades long journey of heart conditioning.  He has tested our faithfulness and taught us the discipline of a soft-heart.  Through that, and especially through the pandemic, we have come to see the Holy Spirit’s clear priority to impart to the church two of the most powerful spiritual weapons: self-denial and giving thanks.

So after 26 years of holding our gathering over Thanksgiving – experiencing the buzz of exciting programs and the anxieties of drawing support to cover financial commitments – we have finally come to see how our event date has always been a prophetic declaration of the Holy Spirit’s priority: to give thanks.

This year’s focus will be singular and simple: to encourage and empower God’s chosen workers through the testimonies of “giving thanks.”

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