MTC 2021 – Thanksgiving Releases Authority


“Giving Thanks” – like expressions of self-denial such as repentance, mercy, forgiveness, and obedience – belongs to a class of powerful actions and attitudes that will bear the fruit of the Spirit, and ultimately lead us to the place of God-ordained authority.  Jesus showed that to us by taking the road of the cross to His place of authority at the Father’s right hand.

In the past year, God has taken many through a most intense “road of the cross.”  Many have walked through fires and storms – many negativities, hardships, and losses that can harden hearts and turn them bitter.  In that, we thank God for gracing us with individuals whose hearts remained steadfast and soft through these fires and storms by the power of giving thanks.  So we invite you to join in the MTC 2021 fellowship to be blessed by the impartation of their thanksgiving hearts, and ultimately walk to your places of authority through your roads of the cross.

Some have ask about ways to support MTC financially.  You may use the fund transfer methods listed in this page and note “MTC” in the memo.  We just ask that this giving to be above the tithing that belongs to your home church family.

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