MTC 2021 – God’s Way is Containment

While most electricity generating methods – such as solar, wind, water, coal, and natural gas – are mainly concerned with harnessing energy, nuclear generators work quite the opposite. A nuclear power plant does not worry about scarcity of energy, but its main concern is actually to contain the vast amount of energy already packed into its powerful fuel so that it can safely generate electricity. In fact, the most crucial portions of a nuclear power plant are devoted to contain its overabundant energy to prevent dangerous meltdowns.

Similar to the fuel in a nuclear power plant, God has already vested tremendous authority in us. Ephesians 1:18-20 states that God’s power for us is the same as that which not only raised Jesus from the dead, but also seated Him at the Father’s right hand. The authority Jesus declared over the church is just as mind-boggling: gates of hell will not overcome, keys to the Kingdom of heaven, binding and loosening of heaven from earth.

God’s way is “containment.” His way for us to gain the authority needed to disciple the nations is not through trying to harness authority. His way does not require us striving to draw supporters, to raise funds, to put on spectacular events, or even to exercise any extraordinary gifting. God’s way is to build the crucial “containments” within us so that His authority already within us can flow without a meltdown. The discipline of giving thanks is one such “containment,” as well as the disciplines of self-denial – such as repentance, mercy, forgiveness, and obedience. Jesus’ incarnation as the Creator to becoming a Son of Man is the clearest demonstration of this “containment” principle, and it is through that, He sat down at the right hand of the Father. For this reason, Jesus sharply admonished His disciples when they seem to reject His “containment” principle by asserting, “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” In other words, if the power to gain the whole world is released in us without the “containment,” we would meltdown.

MTC started 27 years ago on a call to disciple market place leaders, which requires tremendous authority. Over the years, we have tried to harness that authority, but God, in His mercy, protected us from a meltdown and has patiently led us to come to embrace His way of “containment.” This is the reason why, for the past decade, MTC has began to place increasing emphasis on the “containment” topics related to self-denial, and this year on “Give Thanks.” These topics may not attract big crowds during this season of preparation because they challenge the flesh. But we are thankful because God’s way is “containment,” and there lies the greatest assurance as we give everything we have to seek first His Kingdom and righteousness.

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MTC 2021 – Thanksgiving Releases Authority


“Giving Thanks” – like expressions of self-denial such as repentance, mercy, forgiveness, and obedience – belongs to a class of powerful actions and attitudes that will bear the fruit of the Spirit, and ultimately lead us to the place of God-ordained authority.  Jesus showed that to us by taking the road of the cross to His place of authority at the Father’s right hand.

In the past year, God has taken many through a most intense “road of the cross.”  Many have walked through fires and storms – many negativities, hardships, and losses that can harden hearts and turn them bitter.  In that, we thank God for gracing us with individuals whose hearts remained steadfast and soft through these fires and storms by the power of giving thanks.  So we invite you to join in the MTC 2021 fellowship to be blessed by the impartation of their thanksgiving hearts, and ultimately walk to your places of authority through your roads of the cross.

Some have ask about ways to support MTC financially.  You may use the fund transfer methods listed in this page and note “MTC” in the memo.  We just ask that this giving to be above the tithing that belongs to your home church family.

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