pdt Note – 1/30/21

January 30, 2021

Dear Church Family,

Our Sunday Celebration today can be accessed on YouTube video stream at around 10:45 AM (12:45 AM Asia).

For the past 5 weeks, Pastor Joseph not just spoke the message of faith, but also brought an impartation of faith from the spiritual authority that God placed over him.

What a blessings of a most valuable treasure in all creation!  Faith can astound Jesus, the Creator of all things.  Faith is the key to pleasing God and enjoying His reward in our lives.  By faith, what is impossible can be made possible through us.  Through faith, we can turn from eternal judgment to eternal salvation.  What is more powerful than faith?

God willing, we will begin a message series on the application of faith to prosper in 2021 – a kairos time of Jesus elevating HIs church in purity and authority.  We will seek the Holy Spirit’s counsel on how to apply faith as the fuel for the engine of self-denial, which in turn, powers the vehicle of authority that Jesus has proclaimed over His church.

Tomorrow’s message: Kingdom Encounters of the Kairos Kind.  Scripture passages: Matthew 13:24-30,  Hebrews 11:1-2,Jonah 1:1-6.

A major storm is moving through the Chicago area now and is expected to dump ample snow throughout the night.  Currently, we plan to stand our place at WPC in the morning so we can lead our corporate worship.  We may experience possible delays or change of plans and would greatly appreciate your graciousness and patience.  Do not give up!  Let’s stand together as a body to bring God our best possible worship with our offerings of sacrifice – and please Him with our faith.

For tithing during this time, please click here to see the three ways listed by our finance team.



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