2021 – Experience Emmanuel!

Blessings to you as we close off 2020 – a year beyond anyone’s expectations.

Back in mid-February of 2020, I wrote the following note to encourage a good brother and his wife:

“There are several events that I am anticipating God to bring to CASC this year, where each event may have greater impact on us than the WPC roof repair and site restoration we saw in the past two years.  I expect the events to visibly show God’s hand, such that what you see, assume, and believe today will be drastically changed.”

God has certainly delivered…and well beyond anyone’s expectations.

We expect this trend to not only continue in 2021, but to also intensify.  As Pastor Joseph shared in his Sunday message, we anticipate a “kairos” turning in 2021 that may bring “the best of times and the worst of times.”

We believe that a year of “manifestation” is coming when God will make His heart crystal clear for everyone to see, if it was not clear before.  The best of times may be coming for some who persevered in faithfulness through His training of self-denial, where they will prosper in relationships, wisdom, spiritual authority, personal authority, and financial resources.  The worst of times may come to some who, like Jonah, will meet the hand of God in a storm of a lifetime, and be offered the mercy for a turnaround of a lifetime.

We stand encouraged because God has led our church, through many years of fire, to prepare for these coming “kingdom encounters” – whether they be the best or the worst of times.  Moreover, He has provided us a clear roadmap for navigating through the “kairos” of 2021 and beyond.  We will be sharing on this roadmap in the coming weeks of the new year.  Let’s give thanks for God’s mercy and faithfulness.

Jesus loves His church, and promised to be with us to the end of the age, including 2021.  Experience Emmanuel for 2021!



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