pdt Note – 2/20/21

February 20, 2021

Dear Church Family,

Our Sunday Celebration today can be accessed on YouTube video stream at around 10:45 AM (12:45 AM Asia).

Last week, we started to share on the core topic of our “Shalom 2021” roadmap: the soft-heart.  In the coming season of God bringing the church into great elevation or great storms, responding with a soft-heart will be our key to the authority of shalom.  Feel free to visit the Shalom 2021 page to review this past Sunday’s message that expounded on the following principles:

  • Kingdom encounters demands self-denial
  • Kairos – God’s grace to shake us
  • Soft-heart in kairos brings us shalom

God willing, we will continue to dig deeper for biblical insights of the “soft-heart” by looking at how it differs from a “hard-heart.”  The message scheduled for tomorrow is: Preparing for Kingdom Encounters – Pictures of the Heart.  Scripture passages: Genesis 3:1-13Mark 6:45-52Galatians 5:22-23John 20:24-29.

I certainly look forward to tomorrow’s balmy forecast with a high of 36 F.  We expect to hear some spectacular rumblings as large sheets of snow melt from our sanctuary roof, like the great thawing of Narnia as Aslan’s appearance drew near.  We’re most thankful that WPC and our corporate worship seem to have withstood well the coldest two Sundays of this winter season with no heat running in the sanctuary.  We now look forward to a few good months in the coming spring and summer to better prepare for the sanctuary HVAC replacement.  On that note, we remind you to stand strong in the blessings of tithing.  If everyone in our current church body tithes, we can cover all running expenses with surplus – not to mention seeing the tremendous testimony of our entire church body coming under God’s cover in finances and blessings in the “work of our hands.”

Let’s stand together as a body to bring God our best possible worship with our offerings of sacrifice – and astound Him with our faith.

For tithing during this time, please click here to see the three ways listed by our finance team.

Experience Emmanuel!


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