Family Note – 5/9/21

May 9, 2021

Dear Church Family,

You are invited to join with our church family, in person, for worship and the offering up of our living sacrifices.  For online access, please follow the below link to the YouTube video stream at around 10:45 AM Central Time (11:45 PM Asia).

Pastor Li-Shang will celebrate our Mother’s Day with the message entitled, “Becoming the Right Person – The Life of David.”  Scripture references are: 1 Samuel 13:14, 16:18.

This message of David’s life example paints another powerful picture of a soft-heart, of a vessel whom God called “a man after His own heart.”  We hope that this message will continue to reinforce for you the 8 Heart Desires of a soft-heart that Jesus proclaimed in Matthew 5:3-10:

  • Submission over subdue – to learn  順服勝於制服 – 學習
  • Repentance over rationalization – to reconcile  悔改勝過講理 – 和好
  • Wisdom over reason – be respectful  智慧勝於解釋 – 尊重
  • Nutrition over taste – to please the Father  營養勝過滋味 – 討天父的喜悅
  • Giving over receiving – generosity  施勝於受 – 慷慨
  • Sincerity over expediency – authenticity  誠心誠意甚於權宜之計 – 真實
  • Patience over justification – to collaborate  忍耐重於說理 – 合作
  • Recognition over rejection – to be God’s witness  識別勝過拒絕- 做神的見證人

Messages on the 8 Heart Desires can be reviewed at our Shalom 2021 page.

Please click here to see the three ways you can tithe or give.

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