pls Note – 12/12/20

Hope you’re doing well this week! It’s hard to imagine that Christmas is only a couple of weeks away. A few things that we’d love to have your support on. 

1. We’re refreshing our CASC website – if you have some ideas or thoughts for it, please let us know.

2. We’re planning some type of Zoom “Christmas Caroling” for our pastoral to “visit” with families sometime before Christmas online. Please let us know if you’d like to participate in this! 

We are slowly beginning to shift our Sunday Celebrations organically so that our church family/body can be able to bring their “sacrifice of praise” to share. This is an exciting work in progress beginning with Shimu sharing what the Lord has given to her at this moment to share during our praise time. Let’s all bring what we have been given. Looking forward to having all of you in person or online tomorrow! Blessings

Pastor Li-Shang

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