Robin & Lenu William – Ministering to India

Face2Face Foundation – House of Prayer

What We Do:

We moved to India in 2015 and have been actively involved in:

  1. Operating a House of Prayer / Church – Parachurch model.
  2. Mentoring, Teaching and Counseling.
  3. Biblical Training – short-term bible school that runs for 4 months full-time every year.
  4. Evangelism through in-person *events.
    *Pre-pandemic: we were able to host in-person events by going into a city, co-partnering with local churches and doing evangelistic worship events. One of our biggest events [in a city named Coimbatore] had ~8000 people show up for the service.
  5. Evangelism through online social media via @robinandlenu
  6. Worship Song-Writing / Production

Current Situation in India:

  • Covid has hit India really hard and most of the cities are under complete lockdown including businesses (except IT companies because of WFH options). 
  • Only grocery stores are open from 6am-10am; so most of the people who depend on daily wages (labor, construction, etc…) basically don’t have any income to even feed their families.
  • Healthcare has come to a standstill in most cities due to the number of Covid cases. With the lack of beds/oxygen/medicines… survival rate of patients has gone down drastically. For instance, it takes 2-3 days just to get a bed in the hospital, in other cases the private hospitals are refusing to take patients whose oxygen saturation is lower than 90… 

Current Immediate Need:

  • First of all, We need covering in Prayer.
  • Currently we have also shifted to financially partnering with two specific non-profits (operated by dear friends) to support projects focused on supporting Covid victims.
    1. True Heart Foundation – Guntur (Led by Pastor Ronald Ross – personal family friend and mentee) – see ministry in action
    2. Project Life India – operating mainly in Delhi (Led by Pastor Nehemiah Abraham – personal family friend)
  • Both foundations has been supporting the local community affected by Covid with the following supplies:
    • Covid Health Kits for patients recovering at home.
    • Daily Meals.
    • Grocery Kits – each kit feeds a family of 4 for 15 days.
  • We are currently targeting slum areas who are in desperate need of resources.
  • Please reach out to us personally if you need more details on how you can financially support the Covid Projects

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