Share & Prayer for India with Robin & Lenu – 6/3/21

June 2, 2021

Dear Church Family,

Would like to invite you to join us over Zoom for a time of share & prayer on Thursday, 6/3, 12 PM (Central Time), to fellowship with Robin & Lenu William and intercede for their ministry in India.

Covid & its lockdowns have had a devastating impact on the working class that cannot work remotely and have limited access to medical care.  In response, Robin & Lenu have partnered with True Heart Foundation and Project Life India to minister to the slum areas.  They minister to basic needs by providing grocery kits that feed a family of 4 for 15 days, covid kits for in-home recovery, and daily meals.

Contributions from our network of supporters have already sponsored grocery kits for 300 families (54,000 meals) and covid kits for 200 individuals.  See this video of Pastor Ronald Ross of True Heart Foundation making kit & meal deliveries to families in the city of Guntur.  Robin & Lenu are mentoring our young and courageous Pastor Ronald.

Please visit this post for more info on their ministry: Robin & Lenu William – CASC (

Please use the following link to join on Zoom at 12 PM, 6/3:

Experience Emmanuel!


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