Family Note – 5/23/21

May 23, 2021

Dear Church Family,

You are invited to join with our church family, in person, for worship and the offering up of our living sacrifices.  For online access, please follow the below link to the YouTube video stream at around 10:45 AM Central Time (11:45 PM Asia, 9:15 PM India).

Today, we continue with the pursuit of a soft-heart through Jesus’ blessing for a peacemaker (Matthew 5:9) – on the heart desire of “collaboration.”  This is a topic that the Holy Spirit has taken us through some deep challenges and transformation over the past decade, as He is raising us up to become trusted stewards of the authority of shalom.  On exercising this topic of collaboration, we will introduce the tool of the DACS Leadership Model, and from it, we strive for a greater manifestation of the “fullness of Christ” in our church body.

Another tool we have just prepared to help you in this journey of the soft-heart is “The Soft-heart Page” at  This page nicely summarizes our message series on “Soft-heart from the Mountainside” and provides links to the broadcasts.  We will review the framework of this page in today’s message.

Jesus is purifying His bride, and lifting her up as a glorious testimony with the authority of shalom.  Let’s put aside all distractions, and join together in this great calling.

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Experience Emmanuel!


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