Share & Prayer 5/27/21

May 26, 2021

Dear Church Family,

Would like to invite you to join us over Zoom for a time of share & prayer on Thursday, 5/27, 12 PM (Central Time), to intercede on behalf of two very good friends who you may know from MTC.

We want to come together to intercede for Brother David Wan from Columbus, OH, who shared with us a powerful testimony at MTC 2020.  Brother Wan is currently experiencing severe health challenges, as described by his daughter, Priscilla, here:

“Please please pray for my dad. He has been in the ICU for about 2 weeks on high levels of oxygen, unable to sleep or lie down, and today his oxygen level dropped dangerously low and he will likely need a breathing machine. The odds of him being able to come off of the ventilator are not in his favor.”

The Wan family has been faithful ministers at MTC for decades, and Brother Wan’s sharing at MTC 2020 showed me that he is an important man of God for our generation.  Let’s lift up this precious family together.

We will also be joined by Brother Robin William from Bangalore, India, where he, Lenu, and two children are ministering in the front lines of a most devastating covid situation.  They have been ministering in India since 2015, and have blessed many of us over the years through MTC, Uprising, and many other gatherings.  We are their body and will stand together with them through this especially trying time.  For more background, please visit this page at our church website:

Robin & Lenu William – CASC (

Please use the following link to join on Zoom at 12 PM, 5/27.

Experience Emmanuel!


One thought on “Share & Prayer 5/27/21

  • June 1, 2021 at 9:19 am

    He never stops working!
    The way maker miracle worker is the same yesterday and today!
    We continue to travail before the throne! To the one who is merciful and mighty!


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